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Tianjin Rong Cheng steel reluctantly must sell Achieving Benefits hero will be completely closed

20g High Pressure Boiler Tube News: Tianjin Rong Cheng steel reluctantly must sell "Achieving Benefits hero" will be completely closed

Recently, it was learned that Tianjin Rong Cheng national energy saving thousands of steel is one of key enterprises. Up to now, the completion of the Tianjin Municipal Government issued the "five" target of 365% over-complete assessment indicators, access to advanced energy saving unit in Tianjin, the National Development and Reform Commission "five" emission reduction units of the title winners, Tianjin Iron and Steel Group Vice President Rong Cheng Chai tree full description, Rong Cheng Iron and Steel Group in 2009 invested 5.5 million yuan building a key gas sources point line monitoring device, the main processes to achieve the full automation of monitoring of flue gas treatment. Meanwhile, Rong Cheng Steel Production and Construction Group's emphasis on coordination of environmental protection and sustainable development, investment 250 million yuan building a rotary hearth furnace direct reduction projects are already in pilot production in December last year, mainly recycled steel, iron, steel rolling processes such as dust removal system collected dust, gas and ash, sludge, slag and other waste, re-Tempered hot metal for reproduction, estimated annual 200,000 tons of recyclable all dust dust and reduce carbon dioxide emissions of 400,000 tons, Achieving Benefits 20 million yuan.
Iron and steel enterprises in coking plant, the existing dust pollution, there are odor pollution. June 13, reporters follow the "green line Jingu" Their visit to the large backbone enterprises of Tianjin, Tianjin United Steel Group Co., Ltd. Rong Cheng understand that this number has invested heavily in energy-saving environmental protection facilities, additional companies will be in August this year introduction of environmental management of new initiatives - early phase-out of large coking plant, and then for the jincheng smoke pollution reduction, it will completely eliminate coking plant has been produced by the hydrogen sulfide odor pollution.
With the removal of the coke plant, the surrounding residents that the odor pollution problems will be completely resolved. In the future, Wing Steel will invest 20 million yuan three new converter plant a dust collector, is expected to put into use at the end of the year, which will emit less than the national standard steel plant dust, air pollution control in the next level
June 13, People Jingu green line with the press corps to process Iron and Steel Group, Tianjin Rong, Rong Cheng Steel Group attached to energy saving and environmental protection work, spent a lot of green to create a harmonious environment, until now, has invested 12 more than 100 million yuan. Before the end of August this year, Rong Cheng Iron and Steel Group, the enterprise is "Achieving Benefits hero" out of the former coking plant, to completely eradicate the odor pollution of the atmosphere.
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