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Shanxi Taiyuan first hand in restructuring the steel industry steel buildings about to start success

Stainless Steel Tube News: Shanxi Taiyuan first hand in restructuring the steel industry steel buildings about to start successfully

Recently, TISCO Group Chairman Li Xiaobo said that with the national industrial policy adjustment and elimination of backward production capacity greater efforts have been re-integration is the only way for the future development of iron and steel enterprises, enterprises are also low-cost, sustainable development, the only choice. "TISCO and buildings both in the initial contact was in December 2009. In a letter of appointment by the provincial industry development forum held the lead after the reorganization of the two sides began negotiations, and continues to this day. June 13, the will push forward the convocation, Yi Ji "program" the initial development, marked the integrated iron and steel enterprises in Shanxi restructuring made new progress. "Sheng Tsunenobu stakeholders committee told reporters.
Taiyuan Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Zhongyu Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. about a successful reorganization. June 13, "Taiyuan Iron and Steel Company Group restructuring implementation plan buildings Seminar" held in Linfen, Shanxi Province, by a letter from the committee meeting held the lead.
Earlier, TISCO Group as the main integrated steel industry in the province, many steel companies to communicate with the merger and reorganization matters, but there is no end result. And the marriage of steel with the buildings, as smoothly and fast, it is likely to become steel industry restructuring of the province's first success stories. This also marks the merger and reorganization of the steel industry in Shanxi Province have been entered into the substantive operational phase.
TISCO with the imminent re-Yu
"The reorganization of TISCO and in buildings, production capacity in the buildings in the Linfen area with TISCO Group subsidiary - Linfen Iron and Steel Company's production capacity to co-ordinate the merger." Yesterday, informed sources told this reporter Road, "originally, TISCO Group Linfen Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has been working to return the city to move upgrade. "
It is reported that Taiyuan Steel Co., the relevant departments and through the early clinical thoroughly, research and much debate, the initial development of a "Taiyuan Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd. restructuring Yu Steel Co., Ltd. and temporary relocation of Steel City, upgrading of retirement plan" (hereinafter referred to as "program").
"Restructuring has been considerable progress in the negotiations, mainly for the combined production capacity. Next, the manner in which the two sides will continue consultations on restructuring." Insider.

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