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Baoji Petroleum Steel Pipe and Baoji City, among the first companies manufacturing 10 billion

Baoji Petroleum Steel Pipe and Baoji City, among the first companies manufacturing 10 billion

Cause of success or failure lies in the people. Baoji Steel Pipe adhere to people as a source of popular business, career management theory through practice, and strive to create the best environment for the growth of workers. Enterprise insists, "is the Cai to be useful" in talent, in all firms to build up taking business management personnel, technicians, operatives artificial key points of the PFP's all Cengmian staff incentives and full Kaohe evaluation system, so that Mei Yi employees to follow models with standard dry, grow a path, hard and have goals. They also implement staff training programs, organized each year to go to Qinhuangdao staff training and recuperation. Meanwhile, the issue preferential policies to encourage employees to improve job learning. They insist that the benefits of development to all staff and their families, not only to the envy of high income workers, and workers have to production and living environment comfortable and desirable. Throughout the year, Baoji Steel Pipe Plant fragrant grass, trees, colorful flowers, contests, people relaxed and happy. Culture and Sports Square flowers, clean and tidy, fountains dancing gently with the soothing music, all kinds of sports facilities, clean as new plants being set off in a verdant, entered the factory, feel like being in park, into the green world, a sea of flowers.

According to statistics, business sales revenue of 460 million yuan in 2002 jumped to 4.6 billion in 2007; in 2008 steel output and sales revenue to achieve high double, both "Pobai"; to the end of last year, steel production reached 1.393 million tons, sales revenue reached 11.1 billion yuan, among the Baoji Petroleum system and the first manufacturing 10 billion business, and has become the largest and most powerful, market share, the most professional pipe company growth.
Baoji Petroleum Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. just a few years in the record why such a high-speed development miracle? It Baoji City, large enterprises and enterprise groups to implement strategies in place to reference? Recently, I conducted a survey in depth business.

An occasion to send forces revitalizing the enterprise Fan Yang

Homeopathy and the order came into being. Baoji Petroleum Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation's state-owned holding company, formerly established in the "three lines" during the Baoji Petroleum Steel Pipe Plant. Baoji Steel Pipe successful take-off, the key is to seize the three major business opportunity. The first is the use of national implementation of the three-year turn around state-owned enterprises reform policy, the successful completion of a joint-stock reform, get rid of the historical burden, for the development of clear across the institutional barriers. In 2000, the company took out some quality assets with the world top 500 enterprises set up joint venture with Japan's Sumitomo live gold steel company put into operation in 2001 year on a profit of 21.62 million yuan. In 2002, all of the assets they financed a joint venture with Jinan Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. Baoji Steel Pipe. Stock a wide range of success "test the water", opened the business rebirth "ice-breaking trip." Followed by the western development and natural gas to seize the historical opportunity, through the "doing" to solve the total market and ensure the supply of two major difficulty, and has an initial big. "Doing", that is one hand and improves its research through technology, strong marketing, improve service, control the market and have a successful natural gas, 2, Shaanxi-Beijing line, line of China-Russia crude oil pipeline and other major projects laid for sustained rapid development of market infrastructure; the one hand and foreign expansion can to stock as a means of using technology and capital advantages, has merger Ziyang, Liaoyang two steel plants, and with foreign joint venture Shanghai Bao Shi Wei, Bao Shi Shun Qinhuangdao Po U.S. companies such as continuous control to enable enterprises to improve productivity multiplied and entered into the "Revival Tour." Once again, with the national implementation of the post-disaster reconstruction, crisis insurance policies such as opportunities for growth, adhere to the crisis in the timing, on the one hand to encourage all staff to build strong business confidence in the billions, while deepening the management, strengthen innovation, the full protection of national key projects, and actively explore domestic and foreign markets. General downturn in the market, the interpretation of the the "cold environments have hot selling" miracle. Steel output, sales revenue with a record high; in 2009 the two major indicators of dual Pobai, profit reached 508 million yuan.
Through the financial crisis, Baoji Steel Pipe, such as Phoenix Nirvana, realized ashes, creating a leapfrog development of the "Flying trip."
Ram promoting enterprise innovation management foundation
Management is an eternal theme. Baoji Steel Pipe behind the rapid growth of management innovation. I learned in business, Baoji Steel's management philosophy is summarized as six words, "clear responsibility, tapping the potential of innovation." The so-called clear responsibility to address is the business "responsibilities, rights and interests" inconsistencies and the "iron rice bowl" problem, according to the post, on the middle-level leading cadres, the general staff, IT personnel and operating workers of category management, and through the "target budget management system" and "objective assessment management system," a comprehensive examination. Such a "Strict Management" a substantial increase in production efficiency, reduce production costs. The so-called tapping the potential of its core business is education of people, unite people, inspire people, to fully mobilize the initiative of cadres and workers. 50 years, Baoji Steel formed a "Where there is oil, where there BSG", "ethical world", "with the management counterparts to excellent victory" and excellent corporate culture, and thus from the spiritual level, improve and standardize the business management, staff quality and standards of conduct, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all staff officers of venture for the development of a solid growth "and" basis. The so-called innovation, mainly reflected the times for the management. From the establishment of modern enterprise system, to the implementation of the "163 project", "spiritual power system", the "team (post) as the core foundation for management", to the PDCA (Plan plan, Do the implementation, Check Check, Action) cycle work law, business are always under development and changes of the real time adjustment of management practices, maximize their creativity. Since last year, enterprises in accordance with international development needs, in the group to implement the "four five systems," Management Law, which upholds the "big operation, large financial, big production, big management" by the company headquarters outside the tender unity, unified order, coordinate the production, the unified organization of services, uniform implementation of financial management to enable enterprises to shake hands with members of the Group into a fist, integrated development, comprehensively enhance the overall competitiveness, to undertake a number of major projects could not do before.
Casting Sword brand grinding promoting enterprise
In a certain sense, the market economy is the brand economy. In shaping the "BSG" brand, the Baoji Steel Pipe "Three arrested" to promote the "three guarantees": First, grasp technical security advantages. As China welded steel pipe production technology, test and technology information center, welded steel pipe standards drafting the national industry unit of Baoji Petroleum Steel Pipe Co., Ltd built the strongest domestic research institute of steel pipes, pipe a year from thousands of yuan for technology R & D, has with a number of universities, research institutes, intermediary agencies, to complete a number of national and provincial scientific research projects, won two National Science and Technology Progress Award. Independent research and development of X80 steel grade large diameter Helical Submerged Arc, continuous control, and other new products, not only to fill the gap, but also our steel manufacturing technology into the international advanced level. At the same time, adhere to technological transformation, has the highest first-class production equipment.
Second, quality assurance assured grasp. Establish a "qualified is not an end, boutique is the goal of" quality concept, the same treatment as the care of infants in each steel pipes, to ensure that from raw material to weld, to the pipe end, pressure, X-ray, ultrasound, etc. 100% of the six test areas adopted to ensure that only qualified steel factory, and they were fine. Third, we must ensure satisfactory service. Foreign solemn commitment to "pipe yet to come, service first", especially in the construction of key projects, not only long-term arrangements for specialized technical personnel stationed on site service, but also the backbone of organized tours to the site for specific services, forming a unique " Baoji Steel service model. " With leading technology, excellent quality, excellent service, Baoji Steel Pipe person ringing the BSG into brand building, market share not only the highest in the country first, but also exported to the United States, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, more than 20 countries and regions .
People first gather the power of popular business
Intend to seek blessing of the common workers move to actually bring a windfall to the company - the total amount awarded up to 3.5 million sent to the West India East gas project, created in Baoji City and the export of petroleum equipment, a new record system. According to the Indian leader said that "we have to clean Baoji see companies such beautiful, it immediately decided to sign. We believe that companies can build such a beautiful product is absolutely no problem."
Parties to support the extension of the Enterprise Xing
Baoji Steel buck the trend up in 2009, breaking 10 billion may seem incidental, but also be expected. As the city's key enterprises, enterprises in the manufacturing business environment, key projects, logistics and so enjoy the Baoji Municipal Government and the community care and concern. Whether a joint venture with Sumitomo of Japan, for joint-stock reform, or sent to fulfill the West India East gas project contract, when the enterprises have encountered difficulties when he was the municipal government were the major leaders personally coordinated, multi-help. Since 2008, the party secretary of Baoji Tangjun Chang has 10 steel-site office many times to solve the problem. Last year, the "treasure in the industrial park", "R & D center pipe" facing the construction of key projects such as land acquisition and relocation, planning and infrastructure construction, adjustment problems, the Tang Shuji asked Weibin, City Development and Reform Commission, work assignments, the SAC, Planning Bureau, Urban Construction Bureau, the comprehensive law enforcement, the Housing Authority, Baoji Power Supply Bureau and other units to deploy elite troops strength, the composition of the Joint Working Group on the Urban Mill work. Working group around the clock, continuous fighting, in 2009 only to break a three-day Spring Festival holiday to work on. Just three months, the Working Group on the completion of the industrial park of 400 acres of land expropriation and the transfer of replacement, a total of now four to rehouse residents of 188, 693, to ensure the smooth implementation of projects. Company executives said with emotion: "municipal government dedication to support this so that we not only new projects distribution in Baoji, and to have prepared the three-year project has pulled the Baoji Qinhuangdao."
Asked him what so clear? Baoji Steel has been able to access ultra-conventional, leap-forward development of the impressive performance, I take a hard look, feel Baoji Steel has several successful experiences are worth learning:
- Leadership that is fighting, passion-General is to promote the key to business success. Baoji Steel Pipe from the practice, leadership, is combat effectiveness. Construction of 10 billion business group to accelerate the development of Baoji, we must emancipate our minds, ideas, accelerate the construction of a broad field of vision, passion Officer, selfless team of outstanding entrepreneurs to raise the overall capacity of managers in innovation, human resource development capacity, keen ability to capture opportunities, create a number of shopping centers ever-victorious generals.
- Market the battlefield, to seize opportunities is a catalyst for accelerated development of enterprises. Course of the development and expansion of Baoji Steel Pipe, is an arduous business history, the struggles, it is the opportunity to capture a sharp, on the pretext of wind speed up the development of the revitalization of the history of pioneering history. This success story shows us, the tide of the market economy, enterprises must be good insight into business opportunities, make full use of opportunities to develop the scientific development goal and marketing strategy, firmly grasp the initiative to seize the initiative, the wind unboiled water onwards, into the development of "fast track."
- Innovation that is renewable, independent innovation is to determine the core competitiveness of the magic weapon. Management guru Jeffrey said: "Innovation is the only road to bigger companies." Baoji Steel Pipe reason for the reorganization of each joint venture can gain the initiative, in every major project can come to the fore in bid to maintain rapid development The key is to have the industry-leading core technology.
- Culture is the spirit of good corporate culture is encouraging the development of faster and better engine. Hailed as "the world's No. 1 CEO" Jack Welch said: "The reorganization of assets can only improve the productivity of the moment, only a cultural change in order to maintain high productivity growth." Baoji Steel formed over 50 years of outstanding business culture, the value of the individual enterprise to achieve and grow closer together, greatly enhance the employee's spiritual world, and aroused the enthusiasm of our work for the sustainable development of enterprises provides the most powerful locomotives.
More information from the large co-Tianjin high-pressure alloy pipe sales Limited editing, please do not reproduced.
Our efforts through the whole decade, has become large-scale alloy steel pipe, stainless steel pipes and special steel material sales base, is the Ministry of Petroleum and Chemical Corporation supplies and equipment designated "Distribution Center of China Petrochemical alloy steel pipe" members of the unit "Sinopec stainless steel distribution center," China's oil, "Energy One Network" member and "China Natural Gas Corporation," a supply network companies.