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Baosteel steel ore price cuts fourth quarter of directors said the board set screw

High Pressure Boiler Tube News: Directors of Baosteel, said steel plate in the fourth quarter set screw ore price cuts

Recently, the people told reporters that "in addition to continued cooperation in the relationship between factors, was made out of China may accept 23% price increase this judge, there is the Chinese side will be Xiwang miners have been acting in accordance with both the process (the fact that The index pricing), to the fourth quarter, when the supplier of iron ore iron ore prices may be lower prices. "Previously, Baosteel Group Chairman Xu Lejiang had said fourth-quarter iron ore price cuts almost was a certainty.

However, just from the third quarter, once the Chinese steel mills to accept 23% of the price increases are likely to be caused on the overall impact of China's steel industry, or the operating pressure, the Chinese steel mills will be transferred to the cost pressure downstream steel industry, the ultimate victims are the Chinese consumers. The industry pointed out that de facto monopoly in the face of iron ore suppliers could cut prices in the fourth quarter, still difficult to predict, because the use of various means to push up the price of its ore has been using the negotiation strategy

17 There are rumors that China's iron ore negotiator, Baosteel has agreed to accept the iron ore supplier Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton in the third quarter rose 23% iron ore price demand, "I have not heard already accepted the iron ore Baosteel 23% price increase this news. "June 17, Chen Ying, Baoshan Iron and Steel Corporation secretaries to directorate told reporters the case statement.

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