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TISCO to promote the coal and steel to achieve mutual benefit and win-win strategic alliance

Steel News: Taiyuan Coal and Steel Community to promote strategic alliances to achieve mutual benefit and win-win

Recently, reporters learned to TISCO, TISCO actively involved in integration of coal resources in the province, using the brand and the capital advantage, building a close chain, value chain, strategic alliance to promote coal and steel, steel companies and coal companies to achieve mutually beneficial win-win and sustainable development. The company has with Shanxi Coking Coal Group, Shanxi Jincheng Anthracite Mining Group set up joint energy development company, now have access to substantial operational phase, in addition, TISCO to speed up the development of high strength steel material series, the first development in the country with a million-kilowatt units thick coating of high grade cold-rolled silicon steel, successfully applied to the million-kilowatt class supercritical generating units, to achieve a million-kilowatt-class group of materials made of silicon; total West-East Pipeline Project Supply X80 pipeline steel 420,000 tons, becoming the largest supply manufacturers. It also opened successfully developed automotive steel, engineering machinery steel, nuclear power and steel and other steel products. These energy efficient green products currently account for the entire company for more than 70% of the total steel to create benefits account for more than 85%.

To promote the related diversification, extend the industrial chain, the use of TISCO's brand, scale, resources and other advantages, the company and get into the energy, resources, finance and modern service industries, in 2008 the addition of Planning and Development Department, the newly formed investment companies, energy companies, start planning and promoting new business. Continue to do an extension of the stainless steel processing industry, based on accelerating the implementation of TISCO stainless steel tubes (1.5 billion investment) and high-strength precision strip (invest 10 billion) project. Meanwhile, on the one hand to step up construction of 1.2 billion tons of reserves of iron ore projects in Luliang yuanjiacun the one hand, funding more than 200 million U.S. dollars ferrochrome plant acquired 50% stake in Turkey. The project will create 1.5 million tons next year into a production scale to meet the basic needs of TISCO on ferrochromium.

More information from the large co-Tianjin high-pressure alloy pipe sales Limited editing, please do not reproduced.

Our efforts through the whole decade, has become large-scale alloy steel pipe, stainless steel pipes and special steel material sales base, is the Ministry of Petroleum and Chemical Corporation supplies and equipment designated "Distribution Center of China Petrochemical alloy steel pipe" members of the unit "Sinopec stainless steel distribution center," China's oil, "Energy One Network" member and "China Natural Gas Corporation," a supply network companies.