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Ups and downs in the U.S. investment Zai Yu Angang Steel Group to oppose the United States

Steel International News: July 1, the reporter learned from the Anshan Iron and Steel Group, has just released the 2010 "China 500 Most Valuable Brands" ranking list, the Anshan Iron and Steel to the brand value of 20.762 billion yuan ranking at No. 44 , in the Chinese steel industry ranks second.
"Eleventh Five-Year", Anshan Iron and Steel proposed the "four changes" development strategy, that is way bigger, mainly from new investment and mergers and acquisitions to investment in both new change; in industrial distribution, from the development of the inland coastal development and changes in international operations. on July 2, 50 U.S. congressmen of both parties jointly wrote a letter to Treasury secretary, asked on China's Anshan Iron and Steel Group's investment in the United States regarding the investigation. Because they think "This will make the U.S. steel market, Chinese enterprises have been plundered," and will endanger U.S. national security.
In the letter, the representative of the interests of the Member State of the steel manufacturer said the government should investigate the absorption of United States Steel Corporation, Anshan Iron and Steel Group from China 175 million U.S. dollars investment in plant matter.
"Through their Association, the United States (iron and steel enterprise groups) clearly demonstrated that they can not get a fair competitive environment for state-owned enterprises without restrictions, without a market test to build factories." Daly said on behalf of Iron and Steel Producers Association.

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